Why Windsor

As one of the founding Australian companies to introduce the ‘pop-top’ to the marketplace, Windsor has always been a trailblazer and a trend setter in this country. And since the release of our first pop top in the 1970’s, we haven’t looked back.

The innovative trend still stands today with groundbreaking new models such as the Silhouette and upcoming Hybrid model. Windsor is literally and figuratively ‘Travelling with You” along a lifelong journey of growth and self-discovery. The future is Windsor.

Our central production facilities based in WA span over two factories. These facilities are purpose designed to build Windsor products at maximum efficiency. Tricks learnt from building Coromal caravans all these years in the same factory are transferable to Windsor products and vice versa - meaning both brands benefit.

Our production crew require a wide variety of trade skills to ensure we build the best quality product for our customers. Our loyal team take pride in what they build. As our saying goes: “We’re building your dream, so it has to be right”.